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The Nutcracker Prince belongs to Lacewood Productions, The Mouseking's Tale belongs to GDeNofa, Nuts! I've been Stuck in the Nutcracker and the characters are from my unpublished novella, and the other things belong to their listed owners. If they don't have credits, they are usually mine, art of things I've seen and loved, etc. If you want to use any of these pictures, feel free to ask, unless you already have permission from me. I won't say no usually.


And these are my favs. These are better.


It Takes Two To Tango by ShayLaLaLooHoo
It Takes Two To Tango
Yes, I still ship Music Meister/Black Canary. It's kind of my guilty pleasure ship; I don't think it would ever work out, but there's still some romantic tension between that would lead to great "what if?" moments.

I tried to copy the Batman: The Brave and The Bold style, with thick black outlines for everything except the hair, and a lineless, detailed background, but I forgot about their shadows and didn't want to go back and add them.

This is also on tumblr, reblog it from here!
Shiylancs - Eyes by ShayLaLaLooHoo
Shiylancs - Eyes
Based on this piece by ZataGoddess and some Monster High merchandise.

Top to Bottom:
Diana Echo Fitzgerald (clouds and light beams)
Katya "Kat" Evans (diamonds and sparkles)
Ella Jane Lovette (smoke and frost)
Crystal Kayla Johnson (rain and lightning)
Sheba Lee Joconde (lace)
ScaryQuinn, aka my leaky canoe. by ShayLaLaLooHoo
ScaryQuinn, aka my leaky canoe.
Harley Quinn and Jonathon Crane/Scarecrow, featuring about three seconds of Jervis Tetch. Unlike the Joker/Harley cruise ship and the Ivy/Harley yacht, I'm one of the few who ships this, so it's comparable to a leaky canoe. But jeez, I could go on and on about these two, for some odd reason.
There's also a fanfic, Toxic, I wrote of these two on Archive of Our Own. I'll hopefully write more, and maybe introduce the Music Meister onto the site soon.

(Rant up ahead, take caution)
It's become hugely popular to "emancipate" Harley from the clutches of the horrible, abusive Joker, and put her with Poison Ivy. I am far, far from a Harley/Ivy shipper.
     :bulletblack: Saying that Harley doesn't need the Joker to be a bad guy and no longer has feelings for him is like saying that Poison Ivy got over her love of plants. It doesn't work, and doesn't make sense.
     :bulletblack: In their quest to rescue sweet little Harley from the clutches of the evil Joker, people ship her with Ivy and say that they're perfect for each other, and that Ivy would never hurt perfect angel Harley! Well, 
Ivyhas been awful to Harley multiple times, and not just in these examples. Many examples I didn't post had nudity, which leads to another reason why I dislike Ivy with Harley. They're better off as friends and partners-in-crime.
     :bulletblack: DC is making several of their biggest female villains queer, which is perfectly fine, until you compare it to the number of men. I can think of one, the Pied Piper. Their comics are aimed at primarily straight white men, and lesbian couples tend to be seen as "sexy" by this audience. It's mistreating both of their characters, and stripping them of many of their important character traits, including Harley's dedication to the Joker and Ivy's sociopathic tendencies. It turns them into eye candy for sketchy men to leer at.
     :bulletblack: Joker and Harley's relationship is complex, and while I don't like it, it's necessary. Joker is infamous for the way he treats Harley, but people forget that Harley has been manipulative and often violent toward that Joker, even in the Animated Series. One example is in Joker's Millions, when Harley says "I'll kill'im!" and later escapes from Arkham for the soul purpose of beating him up. When Joker attempts to kill Harley, it's usually because his feelings for Harley, (yes, he has them,) threaten his identity and goals.
So, while I don't like Joker and Harley as a couple, I'll defend their being together, because separating them ruins their characters to some degree. Putting Ivy with anyone overthrows the fact that she is a sociopath, which is one of the reasons why she's a villain.
(Rant over.)

I know that this little ship of mine has about .01% odds of becoming canon, but I still love it. Probably because I have a thing for ships with older, grumpier men with sunny perky young women.
Harley and Crane, when separated, prove to be strong, developed, unique characters. However, they have just enough in common for me to actually have fuel for this ship, their psychological/medical backgrounds, for example; and function differently enough to compliment each other.

Also, I adore the way that Harley and Jonathon's minds work. Harley obviously has some form of Stockholm Syndrome with something else, and she's come the closest canonically to reforming and being the closest to killing Batman.
However, we rarely delve into Jonathon's illness, as it varies depending on media. However, I've noticed that there is a clear line between how he acts when he's Jonathon versus Scarecrow, which leads me to believe that they're different aspects of Crane's personalities, kind of like Harvey Dent and Big Bad Harv for Two-Face. However, instead of having Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder, Jonathon Crane suffers from Scizo-effective Disorder and Dissociative Disorder, so that he knows that Jonathon crane and Scarecrow are the same person and can easily shift between the two of them.



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Shayla...I like black, corners, Nutcracker stuff, Teen Titans, and long-sleeved tee shirts.

Llama count: 62

Current Residence: The place I call "Here."
Favourite style of art: It depends.
Favourite cartoon character: The Music Meister
Hey guys. 
Um, I haven't talked to many of you in a while, but I still want people to actually look at this. It's important.

This is going to be about my writing and art, and where it will be placed from now on.

I'm going to dedicate my deviantArt page to fanfiction and art. I am also considering making another blog for larger pieces and things pertaining to my stories, like
character designs, settings, or anything else I may need online.

My original works, (although I'm fairly certain only ZataGoddess reads them,) will be viewable on my Figment account, along with others. This means that original stories, like Holly's Wish and others I was planning on writing, will be taken down from here, edited, and moved there. I'm planning on doing this so I can hopefully get more attention for my writing, and less for my art. So, please check me out on figment, too. It's a great place for young writers.

Speaking of art, please read this, Especially the one entitled Do you take commissions or something similar? I'm doing one last request due to a misunderstanding, but please, no more! I do art trades only, and I'll agree to it if you tell me all the details of the trade first. Don't give me gift art and expect me to do something in return.
I love how popular my art is, (which isn't really that popular,) but I feel like no one reads my writing or journals, into which I put much more effort.
As you've probably noticed, I've bolded the most important parts so that you guys don't have to spend too much time reading this.

Please, pay attention to this part! This is stuff that I'm focusing on or ignoring!
:bulletred: I'm focusing on my Music Meister fanfic so I can wrap it up.
:bulletred: I'm uploading some short stories on my figment, entitled The Shiylancs. This is where I'll be uploading those one-shots and drabbles from now on. 
:bulletred: I'm taking a break from the Nutcracker and any associated things. Why? I had serious writer's block with that story, and my sister told me to leave it alone for a year. So, that's what I'm doing. No more telling me what I should draw and what I should stop drawing.
:bulletred: In fact, I haven't touched my sketchbook in weeks. Don't expect anything new.
:bulletred: Please, please, before I accept an art trade or anything, tell me what's in the drawing! I can't do animals, I can only do people.

Anyway, if you made it to this point, congrats. If you comment, that'd be great. Please, I like hearing from you guys and talking. I'm a person, not a machine that churns out writing and art.
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