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The Nutcracker Prince belongs to Lacewood Productions, The Mouseking's Tale belongs to GDeNofa, and all other fanwork has been credited to its original owners, I believe. All other works are copyrighted to myself.


My favorites features collections of Ballets, Fairy Tales, and DC Comics, among others.


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United States
Hey! My name is Shayla, and I hadn't updated this for at least two years. Holy cow.
I'm a writer and hobbyist artist. I like fairy tales and superhumans, especially when well-crafted and well-thought out. In my gallery, you'll find a lot of Nutcrackers and OCs, and I hope to be able to add more of my own original stories if given enough time.
So take a look around. Maybe you'll find something you like!
If you like my writing, take a look at my Figment account! I could always use more love there.
I've also got an AO3 account that I use for my Batman Rogue fics.

Llama count: 72
So, this is all new, and stressful, and I haven't really ever left home for such a long period of time. But let's go over what I've done so far, shall we? (And keep in mind, this is all in less than 24 hours since my mom left.)
  • Used too much soap in the dishwasher, filled up the kitchen with bubbles.
  • Keep getting hit on by this guy who is the sort to wear long coats with tie-dye shirts and fedoras you know that type of guy who manages to talk for ages and literally thought I talked too much with my one-word responses. That kind of guy.
  • Burnt my first meal because I didn't know how to use a new toaster.
  • Got lost in the city because I lost my tour group.
  • Couldn't eat a sandwich because I felt queasy, went through way too much of the day without proper food.
  • Had a panic attack about needles.
  • Burnt my second meal.
  • Almost set off the entire fire alarm system in my apartment complex of three buildings with five floors each.
  • Had another panic attack due to how I generally am as a person.
  • Am about to go off to a school-hosted party because I promised my family that I'd make an effort to socialize, but I have social anxiety disorder and depression and central processing disorder and a whole cocktail of mental health issues that make parties absolutely awful, and I'm trying to reason to myself that I'll be fine.
Thankfully, my roommates are awesome and helpful and experienced, and I've got a few phone numbers of people in my tour group and I'm hoping not to run into Mr. Long-Coat McBadflirt too often. 
So, words of wisdom, encouragement, whatever, will really help me. I start classes tomorrow, and I think I might have known my math professor, so we'll have to see how things go. It would even help if you drew me a stick-figure version of my characters or sorted them into Hogwarts houses or Myers-Briggs. I just want to make sure that I've got people I can turn to if I need help.


May I Have This Dance? by ShayLaLaLooHoo
May I Have This Dance?
I hadn't drawn Clara in her Land of the Dolls dress, which is odd, because it's actually one of my favorite princess dresses, ever. It's rare to see one with long sleeves, and the colors look so good on her. It's also cool to compare the silhouette of this gown with her others: it makes her look more grown up, and gives her a more mature figure versus the flat figure her party dress gives her and the lack of waist from her nightgown. However, I decided to make her slippers lavender to match her bodice. (Clara's design is rather infuriating for me, in the movie, because it's not consistent with her height, coloring, and hairstyle. Maybe it's a case of compressed hair, but she's definitely a victim of the late eighties and not enough model sheets. I still love it though, despite its flaws.)
I just really like this drawing, for some reason.
I've also noticed in ballets, that there's kind of this standard Nutcracker pose where Clara/Marie holds the dolls aloft as she arabesques. I could have drawn it like that, but then I realized this version of Clara doesn't seem to be professionally taught, and probably can't do a proper arabesque. Even then, I wouldn't have been able to get a proper screenshot for the background. Maybe I'll draw my own version of the characters with the arabesque.
The background is a screenshot from youtube, run through gaussian blur multiple times. Everything else is original.

Happy Valentine's Day. February's can get tough for a nyone, so just have a good weekend.
Princess Pirlipat by ShayLaLaLooHoo
Princess Pirlipat
(I told you I'd color that one picture!) My version of the Princess Pirlipat. Here's some trivia:
:bulletblack: I couldn't figure out which colors to make her dress, since I didn't want to go with pink, so I actually used the colors from Clara from the Nutcracker Prince. It fits her character quite well, honestly.
:bulletblack: She becomes the Queen of Mirrors. Sounds like extreme vanity, yes; however, mirrors have extremely powerful magical properties in my series. 
:bulletblack: Her granddaughter, Lenora Jade, is one of the last rulers of Cockaigne.
:bulletblack: Pirlipat will be a more sympathetic character in my book for a multitude of reasons.
:bulletblack: Pirlipat has an anxiety disorder, which is why she originally resists her arranged marriage to Hans.
:bulletblack: She enjoys reading and painting, but lacks any musical talent, including dancing, so she always wears long dresses to hide her feet when she has to dance.
The Snow Queen by ShayLaLaLooHoo
The Snow Queen
Another character in The Timeline Tales, the Snow Queen.
If you recognized 21st century Drosselmeyer, AKA Christopher Meyer, then good for you. In this era, he's got both eyes, but he's blind in one, instead of completely missing it. Still working on why, but one is normal blue, and the other is light blue. Why are these two interacting? Spoilers.

My Snow Queen differs from most, in that she cannot control snow. However, she always feels cold, and the company she keeps (spoilers,) kind of add to her title. Since she's always so cold, the dress she wears is constantly covered with frost, and she always wears winter boots and glovelets. She has a small cape she wears when she has to go outside, which is very rarely, but all of these details are very much Cockaigne-inspired late 1860's.
She's incredibly lonely, since the only times she really interacts with people is to get them to reassemble this cursed mirror she has. She never tells them why it needs fixing, but it's partially because no one ever asks. She cannot do it herself, since touching the mirror causes her great amounts of pain, so if she'd grabbing it, like in that middle pic, she's obviously pissed beyond all measure.
This Snow Queen is an INFJ, but she's a ver damaged person. She forces herself to remain calm and collected, and relies completely on logic. Being emotional causes her pain, as well, so...sad girl. Very important to the plot.

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