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The Nutcracker Prince belongs to Lacewood Productions, The Mouseking's Tale belongs to GDeNofa, Nuts! I've been Stuck in the Nutcracker and the characters are from my unpublished novella, and the other things belong to their listed owners. If they don't have credits, they are usually mine, art of things I've seen and loved, etc. If you want to use any of these pictures, feel free to ask, unless you already have permission from me. I won't say no usually.


And these are my favs. These are better.


:bulletpurple: Mina's POV :bulletpurple:

“Nervous about tonight?”
I glanced at Selina Kyle in the mirror's reflection, smiling as I put in my earrings. “A little. I'm also very excited.”
She smiled as she pinned my hair up to my head. “Why is that?”
“I convinced Bruce to let me invite a friend. He seemed more than happy to comply.”
“Bruce is more than happy to do pretty much anything,” she sighed. “I can't believe Veronica Vreeland lets you borrow her jewelry.”
“I always return it,” I replied, adjusting the golden necklace around my neck. “She really likes me, for some reason.”
“Speaking of which, did you see the article about you in the Gotham Gazette?”
I smirked. “Unlike Veronica, Vicki Vale seems to hate me.”
We stood. Selina spent another second adjusting her blonde hair in the mirror as I glanced around the spare bedroom Bruce let me use as a changing room. I pulled on a pair of black opera gloves.
“Lucky charm?” Selina asked, extending something to me in her hand. I reached out with a smile, taking the brooch from her.
“It is,” I said softly, tracing my thumb over the treble clef engraved in the green gemstone. She helped me pin it onto the neckline of my dress.
“You look wonderful in that shade of purple,” she purred.
“That gray looks great on you as well,” I replied.
We laughed, going downstairs. Selina started speaking with Bruce in the main foyer, while I led myself to the ballroom. Alfred was there, directing maids to where they were needed.
“Hello, Mr. Pennyworth!” I said, dodging a maid holding a tray full of wine glasses. I briefly remembered my time at Daisy Cafe, carting trays to and from the kitchen. “Is Bruce refusing to help set up his own party again?”
He smirked. “Good evening, Miss Mina. There's tea waiting for you just behind the curtain.”
“Thank you, Alfred!” I said cheerily.
“You seem very excited.”
“I am,” I replied. “I'm seeing a good friend tonight. We haven't seen each other for a year.”
“Master Wayne has been telling me,” he replied. “We look forward to meeting him.”
I smiled and walked towards the stage, avoiding the piano and microphone which had been set up and ducking behind the curtain. In the small back room, there as a cup of tea waiting for me. I took a sip, sitting in a chair; lemon herbal tea with honey. I smiled—Alfred made the best tea.
Upon finishing my drink, I began warming up. The noises from my throat were hardly musical, only preparing my voice to sing later.
I heard chuckling from the other side of the curtain and smirked.
“Be quiet, Alfred.”
:bulletpurple:           :bulletpurple:           :bulletpurple:           :bulletpurple:           :bulletpurple:
“From Matches to Mobile!” I sang. “From Memphis to Saint Joe, where'er the four winds blow!”
I continued studying the crowd. There was no hint of red hair in the front rows, to my disappointment.
“I've been in some bad towns and heard me some bad-talkin'! But there is one thing that I know,” I smirked, casting a glance to Selina Kyle. “A man is a two-face...a worrisome thing, who'll leave you to sing the the night!”
The song ended on a chord, and people began applauding as Bruce Wayne made his way to the stage. I handed him the microphone and took a step to the side, sights sweeping the audience again. He had to be here somewhere. He must have gotten the invitation.
I kept my smile plastered on my face as Bruce Wayne gave a speech, thanking everyone for coming. My mind was anywhere but that—I remembered being at home, unpacking the rest of my boxes from when I had moved out, when the phone rang. I answered it, expecting a call about a gala from Bruce or from Aida about meeting for lunch, but instead heard Batman.
He'd only said one thing: “The Music Meister's been declared legally sane. He'll be out of Arkham within a week, Miss Todd.” Then he had hung up.
I only wondered briefly how he'd gotten my number, but had immediately began making plans to see Patrick again. I'd expected to have to beg Bruce to let me invite him, but he was willing to invite my “old friend.”
I was tugged back to reality, back to the ballroom, when Bruce handed me the microphone.
“And I also would like to thank you for coming and supporting me tonight,” I added. “Please remember to attend the silent auction which will be taking place in the library in ten minutes. Last week I displayed a diamond necklace, donated by my dear friend Mr. Wayne, which will....”
My voice silenced momentarily when I saw Patrick leaning on the door frame. “ auctioned as number seventeen. Thank you all for attending!”
I handed the microphone to Bruce quickly as people applauded again. I went behind the curtain, catching my breath and creeping into the small hallway which led to the main foyer. I ran, holding the long evening gown in both hands.
Emerging from a door, I glanced around. He was still in the doorway, a hand at his lips and the other arm crossed in front of his chest. His eyes were shut, brow furrowed in what seemed to be worry. His hair was parted to the side neatly. I didn't speak, dropping my bundled skirt to the floor.
His eyes shot to attention, focusing on me. He was stiff—not like any of the other men in tuxedos, who held themselves in high regard, but almost as if he was scared.
“Philomina,” He said. “You sounded excellent.”
We stared at each other, memories returning with full force. I felt my eyes water.
“I missed you,” I whispered, wringing my gloved hands.
He smiled, relaxing. “Me too.”
:bulletpurple:           :bulletpurple:           :bulletpurple:           :bulletpurple:           :bulletpurple:
“You're still in contact with Batman?”
“Yeah, he knows my number, for some reason,” I replied, smiling at Patrick. “You seem surprised.”
“I am,” he said.
“He told me when you were getting out of Arkham, so that's how I knew when to invite you,” I replied. “He has me do really small tasks for him sometimes.”
“Like what?”
“It's really ridiculous stuff. He had me go with Bruce Wayne's ward, Dick Grayson, to the Iceburg Lounge for an espionage mission a few months ago. That made headlines. Last week he told me to wear a diamond necklace during a performance to help catch a thief. If he's certain that you've reformed, he might want your help too.”
“Will we ever have a normal life?” He asked teasingly.
I shrugged. “Ask him.”
We laughed, then fell into a comfortable silence. I had led him to a small gazebo in the backyard of Wayne Manor, where we could watch the party going on while being alone.
“I guess you're a socialite now,” He said after a minute.
“Not really, it takes a lot of money. I save most of what I earn,” I looked back at him as he leaned against the railing, a gentle smile on his face.
“You were really lucky, Mina. You didn't get thrown in Arkham, you have a great job, and things are looking great for you.”
I looked into his eyes again, “You wouldn't be able to guess how I got so lucky. Batman lied to the police.”
Patrick straightened. “What?”
“He'd said that you had hypnotized me into helping you. He'd seen that you had a chance, so he helped me contact Bruce Wayne for work. He told me that I needed to be ready for you when you got out. We wouldn't be here without him,” I admitted, walking to his side.
He stared at the Manor thoughtfully, arms crossed. “...I guess he isn't as bad as I thought him to be.”
We were quiet again, and I could hear the auction going on from where we were.
“...And you never forgot about me?” He whispered.
I smiled again. “I've lived a year waiting for you to come back.”
He inhaled deeply, a new determination in his gaze. Patrick pulled me toward him, his hand at my back.
“Philomina, I love you.”
A world of worry fell off my shoulders. “I love you, too, Patrick.”
I rested my hand at the back or his neck as he pulled me in for a kiss.
It hadn't lasted for long until we heard alarms back at the Manor. We pulled away suddenly, disappointed.
I sighed. “Someone's trying to steal one of the necklaces, probably the one Bruce donated.”
“The windows look green, like they're reflecting plants.”
“It's probably Poison Ivy.”
“Should we go help?” He asked.
“Batman comes quickly whenever something happens here. Do you want to go inside and play victim?”
“That's just acting like we're terrified of the situation, right?”
I nodded. “It's usually one of my favorite parts of the galas that get invaded, although I'll make an exception this time.”
He smirked. “Shall we stay out here, my little fermata?”
“Why not?” I replied. “I've never really understood that pet name, although I missed the way you said it.”
“It's because I want to hold you,” I stated, pulling me into his arms.
I snickered. “You and your puns. You're ridiculous.”
“Always,” he said, planting a kiss on my head.
Encore: Chapter Twenty
The Music Meister and Gotham City belong to DC Comics and Warner Bros, blah blah blah.

This is the last chapter! We've got curtain call coming up next, showing what will be happening for our protagonists in the future!

Previous: Encore: Chapter Nineteen
Next: Coming Soon! Last Chapter!
:bulletgreen: Patrick's POV :bulletgreen:

One Year Later
It's really difficult to get a job when you have a criminal record.
First, there's the common “we reject you!” email. Then, if I'm unlucky, I actually get invited to an interview where I'm asked why I even have a criminal record. After that, I have to explain that I was a supercriminal who hypnotized the entire human race to steal priceless artifacts, jewels, and money for me while dancing to showtunes in synchronization. They either reject me for obvious reasons, or want to hire me, if only to hypnotize everyone into buying their services. I rejected the latter.
So, there I was, fresh out of Arkham with a resume and a document certifying my sanity stuck in my pocket, wandering the streets of Gotham for any “Help Wanted” signs.
I had tried visiting Mina at her old apartment, but her roommates had told me that she'd moved.
“When did this happen?” I had asked.
“Six months.” After that, they'd tried to invite me in, but I refused.
Not even Aida would see me. Ever since I'd come clean to her about a week ago, she distanced herself from me to wrap her head around it. I had given her space, knowing that the more time I spent away from her, the less she would hate me. But I was getting impatient; she was the only person I could rely on to honestly tell me where Mina was, and the more anxious I got, the more likely I'd be to snap.
I don't even know what Mina's been up to! I though bitterly, weaving through the crowded streets. She could be across the country, trying to forget me, or be a solo hero or villain, she could be dead, or married...
Or famous. I stole a glance at a stack of newspapers on the ground, with none other than Philomina Todd on the front page. A boy sat near the papers, smiling broadly with a hint of mischief in his eyes.
“Excuse me, how much is a paper?” I asked, digging into my pocket.
“One dollar!” The boy replied perkily.
I turned my sight to the display of the dispenser case beside it, advertising the price.
“They're only fifty cents in the case,” I noted, raising a brow.
He stood, holding his hands behind his back and widening his eyes. He looked so innocent. “On, the machine jams sometimes! No clue why, though.”
“I'll take one for seventy-five cents, with a tip,” I said, pulling two quarters, two dimes, and a nickel out of my pocket.
We switched the change for the paper before I knelt on the ground in front of him and looked him in the eye.
“I'd be careful with how you do business in Gotham,” I growled. “You don't want to end up in Arkham.”
The boy paled and nodded. I stood up, paper in hand, and walked off. I glanced over my shoulder just in time to see him remove a bobby pin from one of the coin slots in the newspaper dispenser.
:bulletgreen:           :bulletgreen:           :bulletgreen:           :bulletgreen:           :bulletgreen:
I've already studied the article four times, I thought with a sigh. Yet, I'm reading it once again.
Vicki Vale's article was poorly written and highly fictuous. Perhaps Mina had been aiming for that when she was interviewed by the reporter. The article portrayed her as a weak and helpless young woman who had miraculously befriended Bruce Wayne, providing an example of strength to girls of this generation, blah blah blah. The backstory was mostly lies, but there were aspects of truth; her early life in Gotham's slums, working at a cafe, and doing community theater. It glazed over how she met Mr. Wayne, who helped her become an entertainer for the wealthy citizens of Gotham through her many connections.
It had no reference of her childhood besides “Mina had a difficult life in her early youth, until she moved out of her mother's house into downtown Gotham.” No mention of emotion abuse.
There was nothing about last year, either; no reference to a “Mistress Melody,” and not a single word about me.
I guess I should have been relieved. But what if she was trying to forget me?
I gazed at the grayscale picture of Mina. Her hair was pulled back, displaying the wide smile she had on her face. A diamond necklace accented the evening gown she was wearing. I sighed.
“I honestly can't blame you,” I whispered as if she could hear me. “It's been a year, and you shouldn't be stuck hanging around an ex-criminal.”
The last paragraph of the article had been read-over once, but I dared not set my eyes on it again. Vicki Vale spent too much time analyzing Bruce's relationship with Mina, hinting at romantic attraction. The tone of that section was spiteful; describing how Bruce and Selina were getting more and more distant, and how stubborn Mina was over about them being “just friends.”
Mina seemed satisfied with her life, from what the article said.
I set the paper down on a small desk. My current situation involved a small but well-maintained apartment, graciously offered by Arkham. It was small and simple; kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a nook in the front. It wasn't much, but it was better than some other establishments I'd been in. The only places that held fonder memories were my childhood home and Zimmerman Theater.
A sense of loneliness came over me as tears stung my eyes. I missed my mother, the theater, Handel's Messiah, choir rehearsals with Aida, and Mina. I remembered one of the last times I'd seen my mother; I'd walked into the house, greeted the nurse who took care of her, took my mother's hands, and asked her how she'd been. Samantha noted me with a blank stare and the words “who are you?” That following moment had been terrifying, trying to get my mother to remember me while being fully aware that her Alzheimer's had taken its revenge.
What if Philomina had intentionally forgotten me? Would the shock trigger me back into my past villainy? Would I ever recover from that insanity?
A knock on my door startled me from my thoughts. I jumped up and opened the door warily. There was a mailman on the other side, so I was naturally cautious. Several supervillains got revenge by dressing up and attacking past criminals at their own homes.
I opened the door. “Hello?”
“Are you Patrick Clemens?” He asked, waving a letter around.
“...Yes, I am,” I said, watching him suspiciously.
He handed the letter to me, waved, and went off. I read the return address.
I stared at it again, processed my shock, and jumped into the hall.
“Wait!” I called out.
He turned and looked at me expectantly. I was speechless for a moment.
“...Are you certain this is for me?”
He nodded. “Patrick A. Clemens, right?”
“Yes, but this is from...”
“Then it's yours!”
He went downstairs, shaking his head at me. I closed my door, staring at the letter addressed from Bruce Wayne himself.
Why would he be writing to me?
I sat on the small bed the apartment offered, sight shifting between two notes, one from the Gotham Police Department which had been waiting for me when I first got here, and the other from the billionaire.
I picked up the note from the police. It was written by Commissioner Gordon, welcoming me back to society. A snarky note added by Harvey Bullock filled the bottom margin. I idly wondered if they did this for every reformed criminal, although the only other one who had attempted reformation was Harley Quinn, who was currently back in Arkham.
I stared at the envelope from Bruce Wayne, trying to determine if this was actually happening.
When I was certain it was real, I opened it up, finding a thick piece of textured cardstock. I felt the gold embossed edges, reading what was on it.
It was an invitation, written with flowing script, detailing the date and time. It was set for next Saturday at Wayne Manor.
My blood ran chill when I read the bottom line.
You were invited specifically by this event's performer, Miss Mina Todd.
The Meister's Time In Arkham by ShayLaLaLooHoo
The Meister's Time In Arkham
I was really bored a while back and doodled a boatload of Arkham stuff; all but the middle one would have happened pre-Encore.
I apologize for the poor quality. Full view is best quality.
These characters belong to DC Comics/Animated Universe.

Starting in the top left, going across and heading to the bottom right:
1. The Music Meister's Mugshots. Just because you've been arrested doesn't mean that your picture shouldn't look as good as you! (I based them off of how I had described them in the first chapter of my fic. Kudos to anyone who understands the 24601 reference!
2. Black Canary has visitation rights, if only to gloat. They have this conversation a lot.
3. I can imagine MM being as nice to Harley as possible. Maybe he's busted out somehow, recognizes her, and helps her out.
4. My Music Meister is named Patrick Clemens. I couldn't resist.
5. Harley and MM. This might have happened if Harley had ever found out the he was planning on reforming. She'd be very worried about him.
6. Patrick's hair is temperamental. 
7. There are so many redheads in the Rogue Gallery...(All of these characters have been canonically represented with red hair.) Also everyone loves Harley!
8. Both Clemens and Tetch are hypnotists who work with tech and have fascinations with certain blondes.
9. This is my own silly ship for feels. I think that she'd see Crane/Scarecrow as a close friend and mentor, and he'd have a huge crush on her.

This is on tumblr, reblog it from there!
Bat-hunk gets all the girls! by ShayLaLaLooHoo
Bat-hunk gets all the girls!
So a while ago, my sister I went to SLC Comic Con (one guess as to which of the super heroines I am) and we found an awesome Batman cosplayer.
Sorry if it's blurry. This was uploaded on my phone.
(Also those were thick tights I was wearing, they were pretty much pants!)


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United States
My name is Shayla...I like black, corners, Nutcracker stuff, Teen Titans, and long-sleeved tee shirts.

Llama count: 35

Current Residence: The place I call "Here."
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Hey guys. 
Um, I haven't talked to many of you in a while, but I still want people to actually look at this. It's important.

This is going to be about my writing and art, and where it will be placed from now on.

I'm going to dedicate my deviantArt page to fanfiction and art. I am also considering making another blog for larger pieces and things pertaining to my stories, like
character designs, settings, or anything else I may need online.

My original works, (although I'm fairly certain only ZataGoddess reads them,) will be viewable on my Figment account, along with others. This means that original stories, like Holly's Wish and others I was planning on writing, will be taken down from here, edited, and moved there. I'm planning on doing this so I can hopefully get more attention for my writing, and less for my art. So, please check me out on figment, too. It's a great place for young writers.

Speaking of art, please read this, Especially the one entitled Do you take commissions or something similar? I'm doing one last request due to a misunderstanding, but please, no more! I do art trades only, and I'll agree to it if you tell me all the details of the trade first. Don't give me gift art and expect me to do something in return.
I love how popular my art is, (which isn't really that popular,) but I feel like no one reads my writing or journals, into which I put much more effort.
As you've probably noticed, I've bolded the most important parts so that you guys don't have to spend too much time reading this.

Please, pay attention to this part! This is stuff that I'm focusing on or ignoring!
:bulletred: I'm focusing on my Music Meister fanfic so I can wrap it up.
:bulletred: I'm uploading some short stories on my figment, entitled The Shiylancs. This is where I'll be uploading those one-shots and drabbles from now on. 
:bulletred: I'm taking a break from the Nutcracker and any associated things. Why? I had serious writer's block with that story, and my sister told me to leave it alone for a year. So, that's what I'm doing. No more telling me what I should draw and what I should stop drawing.
:bulletred: In fact, I haven't touched my sketchbook in weeks. Don't expect anything new.
:bulletred: Please, please, before I accept an art trade or anything, tell me what's in the drawing! I can't do animals, I can only do people.

Anyway, if you made it to this point, congrats. If you comment, that'd be great. Please, I like hearing from you guys and talking. I'm a person, not a machine that churns out writing and art.
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