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The Nutcracker Prince belongs to Lacewood Productions, The Mouseking's Tale belongs to GDeNofa, Nuts! I've been Stuck in the Nutcracker and the characters are from my unpublished novella, and the other things belong to their listed owners. If they don't have credits, they are usually mine, art of things I've seen and loved, etc. If you want to use any of these pictures, feel free to ask, unless you already have permission from me. I won't say no usually.


And these are my favs. These are better.


Clara's Guardian Angel by ShayLaLaLooHoo
Clara's Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The first peek of my redesigned characters for my Nutcracker adaptation. Drosselmeyer has not changed much, but his missing eye has been decided upon. Clara has been made blonde to balance out my cast of characters and given a more historically accurate wardrobe. The time period will officially be somewhere in the 1840's.
Ugh...this took two months, only because of my lack of time. I don't know when I'll post the next chapter of the Music Meister fic. Maybe there will be one the end of this month, maybe it will be finished in December?

Resources used:
Clock and paneling
<da:thumb id="323162662"> <da:thumb id="127727724"> <da:thumb id="78649747">
Should any of these resources have been used inappropriately, please inform me.

Characters are mine
Inspired by E T A Hoffmann and Peter Illych Tchaikovsky
Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
:bulletgreen: Patrick's POV :bulletgreen:

The following week, I'd been taken out of solitary and returned to the Rogue's gallery.
It wasn't exactly a cause for celebration. Firstly, it was the Rogues; the Joker, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, and, of course, Two-Face. I knew that he'd attacked Mina in his “Big Bad Harv” state, which wasn't exactly him, per se, but I was afraid to see what would happen if I even mentioned her to anyone.
And secondly, if they ever heard that I was planning on reforming, I wasn't sure if I'd make it out of Arkham alive.
I tried to stay as quiet as possible about my own personal thoughts. If the topic ever turned to me, I'd turn it right back around to the other inmates. The great part is that psychotics love talking about themselves; the problem is that I do too.
However, within the rogue's gallery, there are a few people I can tolerate.
“Four men are escorting the queen to a ceremony,” The Riddler spoke across the room. “It begins to rain—when everyone reaches the grounds, all four men are soaking wet, but the queen remains dry. No one pulled out a hat or an umbrella. How did the queen stay dry, and what was the ceremony?”
“The men were transporting the queen in her coffin to the funeral grounds for her burial,” Jonathon Crane said tersely.
“Honestly, Edward, that's a famous riddle,” Tetch interrupted, poking at the food on his plate. “We've all heard the answer.”
“I'd like to see you do better!” Nygma retorted.
“If he begins asking, 'how is a raven like a writing desk,' I swear...”
“I won't,” the Hatter replied, clearing his throat. “I live in a land of thirty men and two women. We are clad in black or white. Once someone moves, we begin to battle.”
“It's a game of chess,” I piped up from behind them. Nygma smiled once he saw me, while Jervis looked rather put out that I'd solved his riddle.
“Ah, Clemens, glad to see you back so soon! What was your most recent plan?”
Well, it wasn't experimenting on people with fear toxins, battling wits, or stalking blonde women named Alice.
“Just trying to get back at Batman,” I said.
There was a scoff from the Scarecrow and a sincere apology from Tetch. Soon enough, I felt comfortable enough to sit down while they ate.
“What's that nasty device you've got?”
“Blocks out my hypnotism,” I shrugged. “I have to eat in solitary.”
“How can you last eight days without eating?” Edward asked.
I wondered how he knew that this was my eighth day in Arkham, but then I realized that he'd snuck a riddle in there.
“I eat at nighttime!” I smiled. No one saw my grin, due to the ghastly device at my mouth.
Crane took a bite of his apple, and the Riddler laughed at my response and asked another question.
“Three men met for dinner: Mr. Brown, Mr. Black, and Mr. White. When they got there, Brown noticed that no one was wearing a shirt that matched their names, The man in white added that the three colors still were represented—who was wearing which color?”
I calculated that in my head, but Jervis spoke first.
“Mr. Brown is in black, Mr. Black is in white, leaving Mr. White in brown.”
“Correct!” Nygma stated. “A man murdered his wife; he carefully made sure that there was no evidence that could lead to him. He cleaned the knife he used, he wore gloves, and made sure that he had a solid alibi. When the man got home from hiding his wife's body in an alleyway, the sheriff called and said the following. 'We've found your wife, and we suspect that she's been murdered. We'll need you to come right away.' When the man reached the alley, he was arrested. How did the sheriff know that he was the killer?”
“...The man went directly to the crime scene,” Jonathon piped up. “The sheriff knew he was guilty, because he didn't tell him where the body was found.”
“A traveling band's bus is hit by lightning. One person died from electrocution; who was it?”
“The conductor,” I said immediately.
Edward tried his best to hide his grimace. “My word, Clemens, you've gotten sharp.”
“You're asking a musician and electrical engineer that riddle?” I said. “I'm afraid your questions are falling a little flat.”
He missed my pun, but I smiled, knowing that from this point on, all of the riddles would be aimed at me.
“We are insects, and our first three letters reveal a single insect. We share our name with a group of famous musicians.”
I went through a list of bugs I knew but couldn't think of the answer. Instead, I focused on solving the musical aspect.
“I cannot be felt, seen, or touched, yet can be found in everybody,” Edward continued. “My existence is in debate, and a style of music is named for me.”
Jervis was at the edge of his seat, engrossed in the conversation. Jonathon was leaning back against the wall, fingers curled around his chin and mouth.
“...Soul,” I replied.
“What's the difference between a composer and a mailman?”
“One writes notes, and the other delivers them,” I smirk. “What else do you have?”
Nygma leaned forward onto the table between us, lips pursed.
A tense moment passed, and Tetch and Crane were analyzing the conversation; while the Mad Hatter had a broad smile on his face, the Scarecrow had a chilling, crooked grin marring his thin features.
“...There are three keys; one is labeled with an A, another with a C, and the last with a D. You need to unlock a door and pass through. Using one key will kill you with two arrows. Using another will kill you with two knives. The other is the right key. Which key should you use?”
“Is this from your game?” Crane asked.
Edward nodded.
I furrowed my brow. I'd never played The Riddle of the Minotaur, and hadn't heard of this elsewhere.
It had to have something to do with music; Edward always made sure that the riddles were solvable by the people they were directed to. Jervis and Jonathon were also thinking as the Riddler smugly smirked.
I tried to not focus on the fact that I only had a few minutes left to solve this riddle before I had to go to solitary.
“The keys are labeled A, C, and D, right?” I asked.
“Correct,” Nygma stated.
I put my head in my hands; there had to be some connection.
When it finally struck me, I laughed. Just like when Mina and I were choosing her pseudonym, I had overthought.
“I think I have it!” I said through my snickering.
“Which key is it?”
I rested my hands against the table, collecting myself. “The key of A has two sharps, C has none, and D has two as well. The key labeled C must open the door.”
Riddler's eyes widened, and Jervis tried to contain his amusement. Crane, however, chuckled at Edward's face.
I felt a pair of arms pull me out of my seat.
“Until next time,” I called over my shoulder as the security guards yanked me away.
Encore: Chapter Eighteen
The Music Meister and Gotham City belong to DC Comics and Warner Bros, blah blah blah.

Two more chapters! I'm sorry that this took so long to get up, especially since it's a filler chapter, but it's all I had time for between work. 
School starts tomorrow for me, so I won't be working as many weekdays. However, most of my classes are going to be pretty homework heavy, but I think this'll be wrapped up soon enough.

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My name is Shayla...I like black, corners, Nutcracker stuff, Teen Titans, and long-sleeved tee shirts.

Llama count: 35

Current Residence: The place I call "Here."
Favourite genre of music: Nightcore
Favourite style of art: It depends.
Favourite cartoon character: The Music Meister
Hey guys. 
Um, I haven't talked to many of you in a while, but I still want people to actually look at this. It's important.

This is going to be about my writing and art, and where it will be placed from now on.

I'm going to dedicate my deviantArt page to fanfiction and art. I am also considering making another blog for larger pieces and things pertaining to my stories, like
character designs, settings, or anything else I may need online.

My original works, (although I'm fairly certain only ZataGoddess reads them,) will be viewable on my Figment account, along with others. This means that original stories, like Holly's Wish and others I was planning on writing, will be taken down from here, edited, and moved there. I'm planning on doing this so I can hopefully get more attention for my writing, and less for my art. So, please check me out on figment, too. It's a great place for young writers.

Speaking of art, please read this, Especially the one entitled Do you take commissions or something similar? I'm doing one last request due to a misunderstanding, but please, no more! I do art trades only, and I'll agree to it if you tell me all the details of the trade first. Don't give me gift art and expect me to do something in return.
I love how popular my art is, (which isn't really that popular,) but I feel like no one reads my writing or journals, into which I put much more effort.
As you've probably noticed, I've bolded the most important parts so that you guys don't have to spend too much time reading this.

Please, pay attention to this part! This is stuff that I'm focusing on or ignoring!
:bulletred: I'm focusing on my Music Meister fanfic so I can wrap it up.
:bulletred: I'm uploading some short stories on my figment, entitled The Shiylancs. This is where I'll be uploading those one-shots and drabbles from now on. 
:bulletred: I'm taking a break from the Nutcracker and any associated things. Why? I had serious writer's block with that story, and my sister told me to leave it alone for a year. So, that's what I'm doing. No more telling me what I should draw and what I should stop drawing.
:bulletred: In fact, I haven't touched my sketchbook in weeks. Don't expect anything new.
:bulletred: Please, please, before I accept an art trade or anything, tell me what's in the drawing! I can't do animals, I can only do people.

Anyway, if you made it to this point, congrats. If you comment, that'd be great. Please, I like hearing from you guys and talking. I'm a person, not a machine that churns out writing and art.
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