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The Nutcracker Prince belongs to Lacewood Productions, The Mouseking's Tale belongs to GDeNofa, Nuts! I've been Stuck in the Nutcracker and the characters are from my unpublished novella, and the other things belong to their listed owners. If they don't have credits, they are usually mine, art of things I've seen and loved, etc. If you want to use any of these pictures, feel free to ask, unless you already have permission from me. I won't say no usually.


And these are my favs. These are better.


Bad Blood - The Debate by ShayLaLaLooHoo
Bad Blood - The Debate
Clara's eyes, which looked more green than blue when rimmed with red, scanned over unfinished clocks and broken toys, and finally rested on the box. It was covered with a thick layer of dust, silvery and undisturbed. Clara wanted to dust it off, see what intricate details were carved on the lid, the darkness of the wood, and the patterns of the grain rippling across the surface. More than anything else, she wanted to open it and look inside. She believed that whatever was inside might be able to fill the gaping hole where her heart was, and now she wasn't simply wanting.
She yearned to open that box, just to sneak one look inside, regardless of whatever consequences there may be. Her mind idly wandered to an illustration of Pandora from one of her books, exposed and reaching for the forbidden gift of the gods.
Clara hung her mantle on the doorknob and walked towards the box with one arm outstretched, almost hypnotically.
“Uncle Drosselmeyer, what's in this box?” she murmured, fingertips almost grazing the lock.
Her fingers were caught in a crushing grip as Drosselmeyer pulled her away. She tried to gasp in surprise, but the wind had been knocked out of her chest as she collided against him.
“You vain,
foolish girl!” Drosselmeyer snarled, teeth bared and single eye burning. “No one will ever touch that box, especially you! Is that clear?”
Clara squealed and tried to wriggle away, the pain in her stomach and hands sharp, but not nearly as fierce as the twisting in her chest.

The original prompts for this story were "My father broke my heart long before any boy had the chance" and "You know, you were the only person who'd never called me that."
This story demanded to go somewhere I never thought I'd ever go. It's ended up being one of the darkest things I've written, but it showed me sides to Clara and Drosselmeyer that I never would have seen anyway else. It's given me a ridiculous amount of insight, and it's something I want to share with you all, if you are willing to read it.

This story is much darker than what I've usually produced, so it will have an external link to my figment account. When the story is up and ready, I'll upload another drawing from this scene with a link to where it can be read.

It features that characters two years before the main storyline, when Hans's spell has just been cast upon him and Clara is twelve, so I promise, it will have a happy ending.
Clara Stahlbaum by ShayLaLaLooHoo
Clara Stahlbaum
Sorry to everyone who's waiting for a request for my color palette challenge.
Kitcat98 You've caught me at the awkward stage of pre-development, but their designs should be good to go soon.
GDeNofa Bianca has been drawn, but she still needs to be colored. It shouldn't take long.

Anyway, Clara in color. I'm trying to settle back into coloring again on my tablet. I've gotten three request that are stressful, two of which due to their color palette and one due to my indecisiveness, but those two above are my biggest concerns, since they've been waiting the longest.
I kind of like the aged look of this one. Maybe she's a little older?


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Shayla...I like black, corners, Nutcracker stuff, Teen Titans, and long-sleeved tee shirts.

Llama count: 62

Current Residence: The place I call "Here."
Favourite style of art: It depends.
Favourite cartoon character: The Music Meister
I'm doing a color palette challenge over on my tumblr. Check it out!

1. Canon fictional characters or my ocs only. I might make an exception with Starr and Bianca.
2. Things will be happening according to my timetable.
3. I'm up for the challenge until the end of 2015, unless I say otherwise.
4. Tell me the character, universe, and palette number.
5. If I don't know what it is, I won't draw it.

You can drop me a line at tumblr, or you can make your request here. Just take a look at the palettes.
I'm really appreciate requests with my OCs, especially Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Shiylancs, but I won't reject other characters, as long as I know them.

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